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Monday, April 30, 2012

April 22-28


April 23rd

Hurray! US-1601650 was received!

US-1601650The postcard US-1601650 to nastena-butusova in Russia has arrived! It reached its destination in 33 days after traveling 7,722 km!

nastena-butusova wrote you a message:

"Thanx for such an interesting story about your card! I enjoyed it and found out sth new!Happy postcrossing!"


April 24th

Hurray! US-1614781 was received!

US-1614781The postcard US-1614781 to laisve77 in Lithuania has arrived! It reached its destination in 26 days after traveling 8,073 km!

laisve77 wrote you a message:

"Hi :)
Thank Yuo very much :)
I like card very much :)

Have a nuce day ;)


April 26th

Hurray! US-1636294 was received!

US-1636294The postcard US-1636294 to SallySmallpox in Canada has arrived! It reached its destination in 14 daysafter traveling 711 km!

SallySmallpox wrote you a message:

"Hello down there in Spokane, thanks for the gorgeous night view of the clock tower in Riverfront Park!
Here in Edmonton, we get most of our TV channels from Spokane so we always know what you guys are up to. Bloomsday, KREM2 News, Shelly Monahan doin' the weather on KHQ. It's nice to finally get a card from a place I know about :D"

April 15-21

April 19th
This card came to us from China.
This postcard came from Budapest, Hungary.  Judy writes, “Hungary is the red pepper, the goulash soup, the cavalrymen on horse etc. of home.”
This card from Holland says that they enjoy geocaching and their country is famous for cheese and tulips.
This beautiful postcard is from St. Petersburg Russia.  The view is of the dome of the Cathedral of the Resurrection (The Saviour of the Spilt Blood) and the spire of the Mikhailovsky (Engineers’) Castle.

April 8-14

April 9th

Hurray! US-1590454 was received!

US-1590454The postcard US-1590454 to l-cermakova in Czech Republic has arrived! It reached its destination in 26 days after traveling 8,275 km!

l-cermakova wrote you a message:

"Thank you for the beautiful postcard:) Lenka"

April 12th
We sent one postcard today to Canada.
This card was received from Elvira in Belarus.

April 1-7

April 1st
Received one postcard from Germany.
April 5th
This postcard came to us from Lelystad, Netherlands.  Lottie lives in a town that is only 45 years old and is built below sea level and protected by dikes. 
This card is our first from Bulgaria!  Nadezhda writes “Koprivshtitsa is huddled in the mountain folds, 111 east of our capital Sofia.  It still preserves the atmosphere of the Bulgarian National Revival period from the 19th century.  The town boasts a large number of architectural monuments from this period, 383 in all, most of which have been restored to their original appearance.  Collections of ethnographical treasures, old weapons, National Revival works of art, fine fretwork, household weaves and embroidery, national costumes and typical Bulgarian jewelry have also been preserved.  It was here the first shot of the April uprising against the Ottoman occupation was fired in 1876.”
This card came to us from Finland, from a person who lived in Tallinn, Estonia. 
This card came to us from New Mexico, USA.  Jill is from Taiwan and says the following. “Here is a little about my culture hopefully is new to you.  We believe that women are especially weak after birth, so the tradition forbids women from taking a shower because they might get a cold!  Some women will go as far as a month without washing their hair!  Most women still follow this tradition, but less extreme.”

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