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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Postcrossing Book

 I've been struggling with what to do with all our postcards that we have received through our Postcrossing adventure.  Finally, we sorted all the cards by continent, and then by country, then alphabetized them and put them in a scrapbook.  Before we placed them, we photocopied the backs of them so we wouldn't lose the writing on them by being one-sided.  We put the written words along side the postcard, and now can read each card as we flip through the book.  We have received 72 cards from 25 different countries.  We cut apart an atlas that wasn't quite up to date for studying, and put maps of each of the continents before each section.  We may add maps of the individual countries as we expand in the future, but for now, this works for us! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poland Arrived

Hurray! US-1346813 was received!

US-1346813 The postcard US-1346813 to saeki in Poland has arrived! It reached its destination in 11 days after traveling 8,252 km!

saeki wrote you a message:

"Thanks for such a beautiful postcard. I would like to visit Yellowstone someday, it's a wonderful place! Best wishes from Poland!"

Netherlands Arrived

Hurray! US-1346816 was received!

US-1346816 The postcard US-1346816 to kampen27 in Netherlands has arrived! It reached its destination in 10 days after traveling 7,656 km!

kampen27 wrote you a message:

Today I received your lovely postcard
Thanks a lot
Have a nice evening

Finland Arrived

Hurray! US-1332950 was received!

The postcard US-1332950 to risto in Finland has arrived! It reached its destination in 10 days after traveling 7,410 km!

risto wrote you a message:

"Hey MAMA,
thank you for your card from Spokane!
Kind Regards,

Spain Arrived

Hurray! US-1332951 was received!

The postcard US-1332951 to Schenck in Spain has arrived! It reached its destination in 6 days after traveling 8,168 km!

Schenck wrote you a message:

"Thank you very much.
Kind regards, Adolfo"

Netherlands Arrived

Hurray! US-1321153 was received!

US-1321153 The postcard US-1321153 to Isahart in Netherlands has arrived! It reached its destination in 13 days after traveling 7,724 km!

Isahart wrote you a message:

"hi thanx for the beutiful postcard of the carrousel
best wishes

Germany Arrived

Hurray! US-1281751 was received!

US-1281751 The postcard US-1281751 to Haflingergirl88 in Germany has arrived! It reached its destination in 35 days after traveling 8,155 km!

Haflingergirl88 wrote you a message:

Thank you for this lovely postcard. I have not been to Washington yet. So it a great pleasure to get a postcard from a place, I have never been.
Thank you very much and HAPPY POSTCROSSING! =)"

Sunday, October 23, 2011

70th Received, Belarus

Natasha from Belarus sent us this card of the Regional Center of the city of Vitebsk.    It looks really neat!

69th Received, Finland

What a cute card!

68th Received, Netherlands

Alice from The Netherlands makes cards, and this is one of them!

67th Received, Germany

What a beautiful view!

66th Received, Russia

Aleksey is from Krasnoyarsk, Russia.  We will have to try the recipe that is on the card he sent!

65th Received, Netherlands

Our next card came from The Netherlands, Peter is from Ransdaal and is a nurse and a poet.

64th Received, Netherlands

Our 64th card came to us from The Netherlands.  Louis lives in Amersfoort.  It looks beautiful!

October Sent to Date

So far for October we have sent:
Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Taiwan, and Austria

Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Summary

Postcards Sent (10)

Postcards Received (10)
United Kingdom

Netherlands Received

We received a neat postcard from The Netherlands. It is from Amersfoort, the 12th city of the country, and the geographical center of The Netherlands!

Poland Received

We received this card from Zebrzydowice, Poland.  It is a small community near cieszyn. 

Portugal Received

We received one of the coolest cards from Portugal!
Dinis says
"A great day to you both, when you get this postcard.  Since you're keen on Geography, I've decided to send you an important place for Europe.  The Ponta de Sagres.  The Ponta de Sagres (Cape of Sagres) is the southwestern-ost spot of the whole continent!  It was from here that the Portugese sailors set sail i the XV century to discover Africa, America, India...  Nowadays, it is a very respected place, for what it represents and reminds the world about.   Wish you both the best and hope you like this one!"

Thanks Dinis!  We love this card, and all the interesting information you shared with us!

Netherlands Received

This card came from Haarlem, Netherlands.  Haarlem is the capital of the province Noord-Holland.

Finland Received

This card came to us from Porvoo, the second oldest town in Finland.  The old wooden town of Porvoo is famous among tourists.

Lithuania Received

We received this card from Lithuania.  Lina says "Nida is a small city located at the Baltic seashore.  It belongs with the UNESCO world heritage list because of it's dunes."

United Kingdom Received

We received a postcard from the United Kingdom.  There was no message on the back, but the card is kind of cute.

Finland Arrived

Hurray! US-1321155 was received!

US-1321155 The postcard US-1321155 to mamselli in Finland has arrived! It reached its destination in 7 days after traveling 7,583 km!

mamselli wrote you a message:

"Thank you for the beautiful postcard.
Have a great weekend !"

Canada Arrived

Hurray! US-1321157 was received!

US-1321157 The postcard US-1321157 to tygertyger711 in Canada has arrived! It reached its destination in 6 days after traveling 3,168 km!

tygertyger711 wrote you a message:

"Thanks for the beautiful postcard! Anne of Green Gables is one of my favourites. If you ever come up to Canada, you can visit the real Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island. Happy postcrossing,

Russia Arrived

Hurray! US-1287862 was received!

US-1287862 The postcard US-1287862 to kkaattee in Russia has arrived! It reached its destination in 20 days after traveling 7,722 km!

kkaattee wrote you a message:

"thank you very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Netherlands Arrived

Hurray! US-1293918 was received!

US-1293918 The postcard US-1293918 to opdewierd in Netherlands has arrived! It reached its destination in 15 days after traveling 7,640 km!

Malaysia Arrived

Hurray! US-1281736 was received!

US-1281736 The postcard US-1281736 to beeLing in Malaysia has arrived! It reached its destination in 12 days after traveling 13,214 km!

beeLing wrote you a message:

"Hello. Regards from Malaysia. I had received your postcard. I'm happy because this is my first postcard to be received. I like this postcard. I love USA too and glad to receive my first postcard from USA! But unfortunately I didn't check my mail box and there was a heavy rain make the postcard wet.
Happy postcrossing!
Have a nice day
Bee Ling"

China Arrived

Hurray! US-1164817 was received!

The postcard US-1164817 to dyyfdd in China has arrived! It reached its destination in 87 days after traveling 10,679 km!

dyyfdd wrote you a message:

"Hi, thank you so much for your postcard! It's very beautiful=)"
This card had been traveling for 60 days, and I was worried it had been lost, so we resent a card on the 60th day, it took 27 more days, but she ended up getting both cards!  Lucky :)

"Hi, I just found out I receive both of your postcards today!
Wow, thank you so much for resending a card to me. Could you like to give me your address so that I could send a thank-card?

75th to 77th Out

We sent cards to Netherlands, Russia, and Canada.  We were excited to send them because they all wanted somewhat specific types of cards.  For the card to The Netherlands, she mentioned that she likes dolls and children's things, so we sent a picture of the Spokane Looff Carrousel.  For the postcrosser in Russia, we sent a black and white picture from Arches National Park.  She liked black and white cards and homemade cards so this fit the bill quite nicely.  The last card, to Canada, a history and classics student who loves books and reading, we sent a picture from Glacier National Park.  We told her about reading Anne of Green Gables!