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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Summary

Your April statistics:

The numbers

Postcards sent3268
Postcards received4265
Days your mailbox was happy: 1


Country ranking by sent:1399th
Country ranking by distance:1335th

Country distribution: Sent postcards

Postcards sent

CountrySentAvg travel

Country distribution: Received postcards

Postcards received

CountryReceivedAvg travel
Korea (South)141

April 2013

Hurray! US-2107413 was received!

US-2107413 The postcard US-2107413 to Nellya in Russia has arrived! It reached its destination in 44 days after traveling 9,648 km!

Nellya wrote you a message:

"wow!!! wanderful picture!) thank You for that! have a good day!)"

Hurray! US-2095985 was received!

US-2095985 The postcard US-2095985 to alexs in Russia has arrived! It reached its destination in 55 days after traveling 8,255 km!

alexs wrote you a message:

"Many thanks for the postcard"

Hurray! US-2107416 was received!

US-2107416 The postcard US-2107416 to Liho_sl in Russia has arrived! It reached its destination in 49 days after traveling 7,722 km!

Liho_sl wrote you a message:

"HELLO, Selena and Gabriella!
Thank you so much for card!
Take care, Sveta"